Organising Committee

General Chair

Ahmad Lotfi

Prof. Ahmad LOTFI

General Co-Chair

Prof. Martin McGinnity

Programme Chairs

Prof. Hamid Bouchachia




Dr. Alexander Gegov


Publication Chair

Dr. Caroline Langensiepen

Local Organisation Chair

 Dr. Amir Pourabdollah




Web Chair

Pedro Trindade

Technical Programme Committee

Prof. Giovanni Acampora, University of Naples Federico II
Prof. Peter Andras, Keele University
Prof. Plamen Angelov, Lancaster University
Prof. Atta Badi, University of Reading
Prof. Abdelhamid Bouchachia, Bournemouth University
Dr. Tianhua Chen, University of Huddersfield
Prof. George Coghill, University of Aberdeen
Prof. Sonya Coleman, University of Ulster
Dr. Simon Coupland, De Montfort University
Dr. Keeley Crockett, Manchester Metropolitan University
Prof. Jon Garibaldi, University of Nottingham
Dr. Alexander Gegov, University of Portsmouth
Prof. Hani Hagras, University of Essex
Dr. Hongnmei He, Cranfield University
Prof. Chris Hide, Loughborough University
Prof. Xia Hong, University of Reading
Dr. Thomas Jansen, Aberystwyth University
Prof. Robert John, University of Nottingham
Dr. Dermot Kerr, University of Ulster
Dr. Ahmed Kheiri, Lancaster University
Dr. Caroline Langensiepen, Nottingham Trent University
Dr. Miqing Li, University of Birmingham
Prof. Ahmad Lotfi, Nottingham Trent University
Prof. Trevor Martin, Bristol University
Prof. Martin McGinnity, Nottingham Trent University
Prof. Daniel Neagu, University of Bradford
Dr. George Panoutsos, University of Sheffield
Dr. Amir Pourabdollah, Nottingham Trent University
Prof. Girijesh Prasad, University of Ulster
Prof. Chris Price, Aberystwyth University
Dr. Shahin Rostami, Bournemouth University
Dr. Steven Schockaert, Cardiff University
Prof. Qiang Shen, Aberystwyth University
Dr. Longzhi Yang, Northumbria University
Prof. Shengxiang Yang, De Montfort University
Dr. Shufan Yang, University of Glasgow
Prof. Yingjie Yang, De Montfort University

*** The following members to be confirmed. ***

Dr. Fei Chao, Xiamen University
Prof. Francisco Chiclana, De Montfort University
Prof. Damien Coyle, University of Ulster
Prof. Richard Everson, University of Exeter
Prof. Amir Hussain, University of Stirling
Prof. Yaochu Jim, University of Surrey
Prof. Honghai Liu, University of Portsmouth
Prof. Ferrante Neri, De Montfort University
Dr. Wei Pang, University of Aberdeen
Dr. Pouria Sadeghi-Tehran, Rothamsted Research
Dr. Peter Tino, University of Birmingham
Prof. Andy Tyrrell, University of York
Prof. Hongnian Yu, Bournemouth University
Prof. Qingfu Zhang, University of Essex