Camera-Ready Copy

All accepted papers must be formatted according to Springer’s conference proceedings guidelines.  Springer has developed LaTeX style files and Word templates to help you prepare your paper. LaTeX is the preferred format for texts containing several formulae, but Word templates are also available. It is preferred if you could prepare the camera-ready copy using the LaTeX template.

Information for Authors of Springer Proceedings

Once your camera-ready copy is ready, please follow the following instruction before 15 June 2018:

A. Upload a PDF copy of the paper through EasyChair. Access your account and update title/abstract if required and upload your PDF file. 
Submit PDF  copy of Your Paper

B. Create a compress ZIP file containing LaTeX (or Word) file and all images. Save your Zip file as “” where XX is your paper number. Email the ZIP file to “”

C. Complete Book Contributor Consent to Publish  form.  The Consent-to-Publish form has to be signed by the authors of each paper, at least by the corresponding author. Authors should obtain permissions from the previous publisher for any material they want to reuse. Refer to the RightsLink or use the Permission Request form.  Save the file as “UKCI_2018_ConsentForm_XX” where XX is your paper number. Email the form (PDF or DOC)  to “”

Book Contributor Consent to Publish

D. Register your paper.